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Meet Heidi, she has been a client of Hands of Hope since March of 2015. Through the years she has accessed our services and tried to work her way back into permanent housing. A few years ago, she lost her husband and that set her back dramatically in her quest for a home. With our newly created partnership with The Sutter County Better Way shelter we were able to get Heidi placed there. The case
workers at Better Way then worked out a case plan that ultimately landed Heidi a home. The keys she is holding in her hands are the first house keys she has had in over 5 years. Without your support we would not have been able to sustain Heidi and the services she needed until she made the next step. We are very proud of Heidi and her accomplishments and look forward to seeing great things from her as she settles into her new home.

Kati came to Hands of Hope in 2015. She was 24 years old and had been raised on the streets by her parents. Kati wanted to break the cycle and get off the streets. For years she was a seasonal participant of the REST program winter shelter and a daily visitor to the Hands of Hope Day Center. This year we connected her to the Better Way shelter where she was able to obtain not only housing but EMPLOYMENT! Kati is very thankful for the years of service she received at Hands of Hope and of all the work that our staff and the county staff put forth to help her dreams of being housed and gainfully employed come true! It is through the donations that we receive from community members such as yourself that we are able to continue to do what we do. Please think of Hands of Hope when deciding who to give to this year!


Patricia Bryant, known as 'Peaches', is a 51 year old woman, who came to Hands of Hope in April of 2012 suffering from mild behavioral health issues and without an income. She received services from Hands of Hope and REST for the next 5 years. She has very little education, so finding work is a challenge. Patricia's health deteriorated from living outside. She suffers from COPD, asthma and has heart issues, which required a pacemaker in December of 2016. By collaborating with another local non-profit Hands of Hope was able to have Peaches housed in September 2017 when she was assisted with Rapid Rehousing monies. She has been awarded her SSI benefits and remains housed in a Live Oak home. Peaches is a representation of many of our clients who are single elderly women with no means of support that are falling through the cracks of our current system. With our combined efforts she is now a success story that we can utilize to encourage others.

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