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Assessment & Case Management
Through targeted assessments, participants will be prioritized based on vulnerability. Specialized case managers will be assigned to guide and support participants as they access services and move toward self-sufficiency and permanent housing. With increased case management services, the time spent in episodes of homelessness should be reduced. Coordination of Services On-Site Many agencies will offer their services at Coordinated Entry, reducing access barriers and increasing outcomes.

Employment Assistance
Soft skill training, resume and application assistance, interviewing skills, support & encouragement in finding employment.

Education & Support Groups
Workshops and life building assistance to participants on topics such as: budgeting, safety, tenant / landlord etiquette, nutrition, anger management, and smoking and / or substance use cessation.



Program and Scope of Work
Hands of Hope has established a day service center offering compassionate, humane core services including information and referral, bathrooms, laundry facilities, showers, emergency clothing available for new clients, Case Manager Program and client Advocate services.


Case Manager Program
The Case Manager Program at Hands of Hope provides a “Ladder of Success” by offering information and tools necessary to empower the Participant to get out of homelessness and become self-sufficient. While the Program will support the ladder, the Participant will do the work, one rung at a time until the goals have been achieved.
Participants in the Case Manager Program must be prepared to make a long-term commitment to develop the necessary life skills to achieve their goals. Their Case Managers are interested volunteers of Hands of Hope that meet with the Participants weekly assisting them to identify goals, objectives and prepare “Action Plans.”
We also help our clients with life skills to teach them to make better choices to end the cycle of dependency.

Client Advocate Committee
Our Client Advocate helps our clients with special needs not provided by our day program.  Often times these requests are for help with paper work; job resumes, applications for jobs, social security issues, bus tickets for verified appointments, talking them through personal issues, referrals to other agencies. At times, we help clients procure vital documents; birth certificates, ID’s, drivers licenses.
Frequently, the requests are for help with fuel and propane, bike tires and tubes, tools, work boots for a job, special needs for infants and children that cannot be purchased with food stamps, etc. etc.
If you wish to support the client Advocate budget please, note, on the memo line of your check, "Client Advocate".
If you wish more information about our program and how you can help, please call us Monday-Thursday  11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at 530-755-3491, or drop us an Email.

Guest Advocate Program.jpg

R.E.S.T. Regional Emergency Shelter Team
Hands of Hope partners with R.E.S.T. as the evening and morning portal for families needing overnight shelter. Clients are driven by volunteers to participating area churches for dinner and overnight shelter. Cots, sleeping bags, pillows and blankets are all provided for them. The participating churches provide the space to sleep, companionship, and a warm meal. For more information on R.E.S.T. please their website at

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