Hands of Hope - Resources for Homeless Families
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909 Spiva Avenue
Yuba City, CA 95991
Hands of Hope
Resources for Homeless Families
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Hands of Hope is an affiliate of the Yuba-Sutter United Way

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More than ever the homeless need our help. Long term unemployment  & underemployment take a serious toll on the families and women with children who use our services. As the need grows, our supplies often run dangerously low.

Simple needs that we take for granted, like toilet paper, socks, and a hot cup of coffee mean a lot to someone who has nowhere to go.
Hands of Hope is a locally chartered non-profit corporation formed to provide supportive services to homeless families with children, seeking to alleviate the conditions leading to chronic homelessness.  While our motivation is rooted in the charitable traditions of all world religions, Hands of Hope is independent of any specific religious group.  We welcome participation by all persons of good will regardless of faith affiliation. 
The Hands of Hope Resource Center is in a newly remodeled 6,000 sq. ft. building. Our current services for homeless families include:
  • showers, bathrooms & laundry facilities
  • information & referral services
  • after school tutoring
  • compassionate partnering to homeless families
  • Coordination of winter shelter resources and other ancillary services will be added as population needs are determined and resources allow.
Our mission:
  • To provide supportive services to homeless school-aged children, preschool siblings and their families. 
Our Program:
  • Basic services for homeless children and their families, as referred primarily by local school districts
  • Tutor and encourage children and parents for school readiness and educational success
  • Life management skills and supportive counseling for parents
Hands of Hope is unable to take any clothing at this time.  We are transitioning our closet to "spring and summer".  We will alert you when we are ready to receive "SPRING/ SUMMER donations.  If you have donations please take them to Crossroads Church, "B" and Plumas.
Thank you for your patience.

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Please go to our Donation Needs page for urgent & ongoing items needed to replenish supplies. 


MENTOR PROGRAM: The Mentor Program provides a “Ladder of Success” by offering information and tools necessary to empower the Participant to get out of homelessness and become self-sufficient.

GUEST ADVOCATE PROGRAM: Our Guest Advocate program helps our guests with special needs not provided by our day program. Read a special report  by Barbara Paterson about this program.

Email us:
Young Adults from the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Yuba City bringing homemade pasta dinners for our guests.

Thank you to the youth group, and the youth group leaders Alvin Laberinto and Allison Musvosvi for the roles that they have so graciosly lent themselves for.